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Cannashake™ Red Velvet Shake | CBD


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Red Velvet Cake is already one of the best desserts you can eat. However, we know that we’ve made it even better! The Cannashake™ Red Velvet takes this delicious treat to the next level by infusing it with crispy cookie bites, creamy vanilla flavoring, and 50mg of isolate CBD. 

We take pride in our high-quality, isolated CBD. Each CBD Cannashake package is prepared with a single serving so you don’t have to worry about messy measuring cups or making a mess on the kitchen counter. It’s small enough to make in a cup, so you can take it on the go wherever you travel!

Don’t worry about the challenging, time-intensive process of making a Red Velvet shake from scratch. This tasty treat is ready to enjoy in just a couple of minutes with your favorite milk or plant-based milk. This drink can be served hot, cold, shaken, or iced!


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